Planet Case’s fresh combination of pop, alternative rock and EDM-themes, inspired by the music of bands like Coldplay, Imagine Dragons, M83 and The 1975, makes them one of the most promising Finnish bands at the moment. Playing hooky melodies with modern soundscape, Planet Case has quickly gained a good and growing amount of followers and airtime on national radios. In addition to many high profile gigs, such as in The Circus Helsinki, Planet Case played a showcase performance in the biggest Finnish music professionals’ fair and festival, Lost in Music ’16, attracting also international attention.

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Tuomas, or ”Business Case”, is the CEO of Planet Case. Together with Aapo and Otto he has a strong influence on the songs and soundscape of the group. If someone keeps telling you “Let me tell you…”, it’s probably Tuomas. He might be the most productive member of the band as he dreams of disposing all the idle time...sounds like a funny guy!? He is!



Aleksi, or ”Allu” as friends call him, is a multitalent playing a variety of instruments and sports. Sometimes he tests others’ nerves with his inefficient attitude, but in fact he gives a lot of attention to the things he loves. He is a charming and considerate gentleman with a catchy voice – no wonder why girls love him.



Otto, or ”Bass Case”, is the emotional heart of the group who has written most of the songs of Planet Case. He is the band’s most likely candidate for being late or turning a discussion into an argument. Otto often tells other band members that he has an idea worth of trying – not sure if he keeps telling that to girls too!?



Aapo, also known as the ”Lazy Lucy” of the group who instead of problems often focuses on solutions and innovations. And most of the time he finds them too! If you happen to find a pair of drum sticks or a set of keys, they are probably Aapo’s – please return them! He is losing a lot of stuff while he creates new songs with Otto.



Teemu is the graphic artist and the lawyer of the band. Still, a man of his words. While he is very confident with his opinions Teemu often has some realism in his criticism. Actually, the band members often call him "Trollface". Teemu is a very busy guy, so if you see him and his guitar would you bring them to the gig, please?